Take your game to the next level with PIKKL Vantage Pro raw carbon fiber paddles.

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Take your game to the next level with PIKKL Vantage Pro raw carbon fiber paddles.  Engineered with the latest technology for every level of play, our paddles provide the spin, control, and power to elevate your game.  Choose the Vantage Pro 14mm for a thinner core and more power and the Vantage Pro 16mm for a thicker core and more control.

Key Features:

  • Raw Carbon Fiber Surface: 7.5" x 11” Multiweave Raw Carbon Friction Surface delivers maximum spin, exceptional feel, and precise control.
  • Thermoformed Unibody Construction: High pressure technology to fuse the paddle layers into a bonded assembly providing long-term durability and exceptional stiffness.
  • Polypropylene Hex-Core: Features a honeycomb structure that provides the ultimate consistency and control to boost paddle performance.
  • PUR-Cell Foam Perimeter: PUR-Cell urethane foam is injected around the perimeter of the paddle to increase durability, enlarge the sweet spot, and absorb vibrations for a stable, reliable feel.
  • Pro-Grip Technology: Measures 5.3" long, integrated with an EVA foam base for dynamic cushioning under a diamond-textured grip tape made with superior moisture absorption materials for a secure and comfortable grip in all conditions.

Take your game to the next level with the PIKKL Vantage PRO!!!

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