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When the weather warms, it’s time to get out on the golf course. To ensure you have the best game possible, it’s important to choose the right golf gear. Here’s what to look for when shopping for golf clubs, bags, carts, balls, training aids and more.

Golf Clubs

Your golf game starts with the proper clubs. For a lightweight yet durable driver, look for one with a titanium head. If you have a slower swing, choose a driver with higher loft. For a faster swing, pick a driver with lower loft. Because fairway woods have more loft than drivers, consider whether you’ll be using this club to hit from the tee or from the rough, and shop accordingly.

You should also consider a hybrid. A hybrid is a blend of a fairway wood and a long iron. Its smaller head makes this club perfect for hitting from the rough, and its loft mimics that of a long iron.

Beginners or mid-level golfers should choose cavity back irons that feature a larger sweet spot. More advanced players may want to choose blade irons with a smaller sweet spot and a better distribution of weight throughout the head.

Golf wedges play an important role around the green. Purchase a pitching wedge for longer chip shots and some full shots onto the green. Buy a sand wedge for getting out of green-side bunkers. For even more shots near the green, fill your bag with a lob wedge and a gap wedge.

Because putting can make or break your golf game, the putting club is important. If you have a straight putting stroke, purchase a face balanced putter. If you have an arc in your stroke, shop for a toe-balanced putter. Use a putter with a light head for a harder, faster green and one with a heavier head for a softer, slower green.

Whether you’re shopping for men’s clubs, women’s golf clubs or juniors clubs, you can purchase single clubs or complete sets. Players also have options for right-handed and left-handed clubs.

Golf Bags

Golfers can choose between two types of golf bags. Golf stand bags feature a shoulder strap or backpack-style strap for walking the course and two retractable “legs” to stand up the bag for easy removal of clubs. A golf cart bag is designed to be carried with a hand cart or a motorized golf cart. No matter which type you choose, look for a lightweight bag with club dividers, a cushioned strap and plenty of pockets and storage compartments.

Hand Golf Carts

Hand golf carts come in two styles: push carts and pull carts. For better directional control and less strain on the shoulder, choose a push cart. For the most budget-friendly option, choose a standard pull cart.

Golf Balls

Before buying golf balls, shoppers should consider the compression rating, or how much the ball compresses against the face of the club upon impact. Golfers with higher swing speeds should purchase balls with higher compression ratings and vice versa.

Beginners should opt for balls that feature a core and a cover, while intermediate and advanced players might want balls with multiple layers to help boost feel, control and shot sculpting. When buying golf tees, the bigger your driver head, the longer the tee. Make sure to purchase the smallest tees for driving with hybrid clubs and irons.

Golf Clothing

Golf clothing offers a blend of style and function. When shopping for golf bottoms, from skirts and shorts to pants, look for products with deep pockets for holding balls and tees. For the best golf polos, choose shirts made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. Always check to see if your club has a dress code before arriving to play.

Golf Shoes

You may walk four to five miles over an 18-hole course, so it’s important to get good golf shoes. First, make sure to measure your feet and get the proper fit. For a long-lasting product, choose traditional leather shoes. When breathability is a high priority, pick a more athletic-style golf shoe. Get shoes with spikes for hilly courses and wet climates and shoes without spikes for a lighter feel.

Golf Training Aids

A number of golf training aids can help lower your score. To help with driving and fairway play, choose a simple golf swing trainer and a golf hitting net or high-tech products like a golf watch and a golf range finder. For practice at the end of the hole, consider a hitting mat and other golf putting aids. A golf simulator is a useful product for practice in the off season.

Golf Accessories

A great day on the golf course depends on even more products. Additional accessories that make your golf game better include:

  • Golf hats and visors
  • Golf gloves
  • Golf grips
  • Head covers
  • Ball markers
  • Divot tools
  • Golf towels
  • Sunglasses
  • Golf umbrellas
  • Club and ball cleaners
  • Ball retrievers