Martini Tees – Step Up Tees (5 Pack)


Consistent tee height every time.

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Virtually unbreakable, Martini Tees are made from a proprietary resin that's far stronger than conventional wood tees. The large cup design offers less resistance which helps you hit longer, straighter drives. Conforms to USGA rules of golf.

This pack includes Five 3.25" Consistent Height Martini Golf Tees. The tee has a plastic ring around an inch and a quarter from the bottom to provide the golfer with a little more than two inches of clear height to hit the ball. These Martini Tees are quickly becoming one of the top selling after market golf tees. Martini Tees call them "Tees with a Stop" We like to call them the "Easiest golf tee on the market to tee it up with, since it has a significantly larger head.

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